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Roselawn Cemetery was created at the turn of the century, out of 160 acres of land and the convictions of its founders. Their beliefs were few but strong. The first was that a cemetery should be open and peaceful, not hemmed in and struggling against urban development. Another was that a cemetery should receive the highest level of upkeep and care. They committed Roselawn to provide that level of care in perpetuity. Finally, they knew that a cemetery had to be financially strong and soundly managed to provide that high level of care. Roselawn Cemetery stands today as proof of the strength of those convictions.


The mission of Roselawn Cemetery is to provide compassionate and supportive interment services and choices to our community. We promise to treat the remains that are entrusted to us with dignity and respect. To be sensitive and responsive to the needs and desires of the owners and families. We are committed to provide beautiful and serene surroundings so that families and friends feel welcomed and comforted. We are dedicated to the sound financial management of the cemetery.


Observe the grounds and buildings for yourself. If you have questions or want information, come to the office and talk with us. We’re here to help, however we can.

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Winter 2016

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We also make every effort to meet specific needs and wishes, to outline choices and make all available options clear and understandable.

Roselawn is non-denominational, non-sectarian and open to all.

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