Simply said… the grounds are beautiful. We are committed to provide beautiful and serene surroundings so that families and friends feel welcomed and comforted. We promise to treat the remains that are entrusted to us with dignity and respect.
The interment right owners. Roselawn is a nonprofit cemetery run by a board of trustees and is non-denominational and open to all.
No, We have over 160 acres, currently a 100 acres are developed and with all our above cremation options we have plenty of land for many, many years.  Check out our burial record search to see where your loved one is located.
Roselawn does not have gates you are welcome to visit sunrise to sunset any day of the week. The office is open 8am to 4:30 pm Monday – Friday and Saturdays 8am to Noon. For directions see the directions page for details.
Purchasing property at Roselawn ensures that future generations will have a peaceful place to go to remember and reflect.
Yes. Pre planning gives peace of mind, makes it a personal choice and lowers your costs. Planning ahead can spare your family decisions during a time of grief and confusion. Planning ahead also offers financial benefits avoiding inflation.
If you purchase in advance, you may be able to pay in installments with no interest or carrying charges. If you are paying at the time of need, payment must be made in full.
Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.
No we do not. However, we do have many options for memorialization of cremated remains.
A columbarium is a place for cremated remains to be stored. It is a free standing unit. At Roselawn we have several options, creatively named. Split Rock Garden, Reflection of Peace, Garden of Remembrance and Roselawn Community Mausoleum. A niche is an individual “cubby” inside a columbarium.
You may refer to our general price list for cremation options at Roselawn. Our price includes placement of 2 cremains engraving of 2 names and dates, recording fees, and perpetual maintenance.
Yes we do. Our cremation lots are on average 16 square feet. Our prices include Interment, marker with basic engraving, recording fees, and perpetual maintenance for 2 cremains.
Roselawn does not require urn vaults. Some cemeteries do, but we do not. We do have them available if you choose. We do not sell urns. If you have purchased a niche there is a size restriction. Call the office for specific details regarding your niche.
The Chapel is available for our interment right owners to use at no cost. We do have a gathering room attached to hold a luncheon or visitation. Should you decide to bring in food there is a fee. If you would like to see a video on our historical Chapel visit our chapel page.
When considering traditional burial locations you need to decide how many graves would you like to purchase. We have single, double and family lots available. You will also need to decide if you want an upright headstone/monument or a flat marker. The purchase price is dependent on the type of memorial you choose.
A crypt is an above ground place for caskets. Yes, we have a community mausoleum where crypts are available. The advantages to choosing a crypt at Roselawn is you will not need to purchase a burial vault and our price includes interment and engraving. If you would like further information visit our mausoleum page.
Minnesota state law does not require a vault or outer burial container. A vault is used to prevent the ground from collapsing around a grave. Recently Roselawn Cemetery has decided to allow natural burials on new and existing lots without a concrete vault, however no embalming fluid will be allowed and caskets must be of bio-degradable material. An additional fee will be added to the interment fee to cover future maintenance costs.
Yes, we have markers and headstones available for purchase. Price is dependent on type of granite. On multiple grave lots, all markers must be of the same granite and design.


At Roselawn Cemetery we make every effort to meet specific needs and wishes, to outline choices and make all available options clear and understandable.

We are pleased to be the premier choice of permanent placement for families choosing a final resting place.

Roselawn is non-denominational, non-sectarian and open to all.

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