Green/Natural Burial

Green Burial Flyer (click here)

Roselawn Cemetery began offering Green/Natural Burial services to those desiring interment at the cemetery in 2014. Many cemeteries offering natural burial options require placement in a specific and designated area which may not be convenient or close to other family members buried within the same cemetery. Unique to Roselawn Cemetery, is the fact that we do not limit natural burial to any particular section of the cemetery. We are proud to be one of four cemeteries offering natural/green burial in the State of MN and of approximately 150 in the country.



At Roselawn Cemetery we make every effort to meet specific needs and wishes, to outline choices and make all available options clear and understandable.

We are pleased to be the premier choice of permanent placement for families that have chosen cremation.

Roselawn is non-denominational, non-sectarian and open to all.

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